Client Success



    Beliefs:  Trusting that our kind heart and good intention will not hide, given the right conditions

    Goal:     Empowering you to create, experience and sustain these right conditions

    Vision:  Enabling the ability of everyone to self-mediate internal and external conflicts in our borderless world


Our clients' success rate is over 99% in commercial and workplace disputes and exceeds 97% satisfaction level resolving conflicts in separation and family business conflicts. We strive to exceed our client's expectations, with a resolution that is adaptive and sustainable to continous change.

Our practice is solely based on one belief and one value.  Discover them:

Empowerment and Choice.

You have choices in life.


Our specialty is to support you with individual conflict analysis

in a non-judgmental manner.


Using the 5-Step Discovery-2-Change Model, you open up choices that reflect

  • your sincerity 
  • your life values
  • your highest integrity

Facilitating a change:

"You may drum up people to gather wood, divide the tasks and giving orders to build a boat.  Or, you can get people to build a boat much faster if you can show them that this boat is their solution to get them home from a deserted island."     ... Anonymous


Our client will have a copy of ADR Institute of Canada Code of Ethics for Mediation:

As long standing members of ADRI Canada, we abide by the strictest standard in Canada.

We observe international codes of ethics and best practice guidelines for our clients worldwide.


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